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Who Is E-counseling For?

E-counseling is safe, confidential, and convenient. It provides an opportunity for a safe, secure and private conversation with someone who will listen carefully and respond objectively and knowledgeably.

E-counseling could be useful for anyone who:

  • Has questions about sex, sexuality, or sexual dysfunction

  • Is on a path of personal growth

  • Is suffering from anxiety

  • Would like to discuss steps to achieving a greater sense of well-being in life

  • Has questions about parenting, children, school, or learning

  • Would like ideas about how to improve a relationship

  • Would like more sexual fulfillment

  • Has a specific issue that they would like to discuss with a person who can give an unbiased and objective viewpoint

  • Is processing issues of loss, grief, or berievement

  • Is experiencing difficulties with strong emotions such as anger or jealousy

  • Is experiencing depression or sadness

  • Is facing mid-life or other life adjustments

  • Is dealing with issues around divorce, mixed families, or family conflict

  • Is having difficulties coping with stress

  • Would like information and coaching with communication skills

  • Would like to improve relationships with children, spouse, family, boss, or co-workers.


Speaking with a counselor – either in an electronic setting or face to face, is an opportunity clarify and articulate your own thoughts and feelings in order to sort out where it is most helpful to put your energy. Doing this helps to regain a sense of control in your life and move toward a greater sense of well-being on a day to day basis.

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