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Anger and Strong Emotion

Anger is the breaker of spirits and hearts. It can be devastating for children and relationships, and poisonous in a work situation. For those who suffer from the ravages of anger, there is very good news. There are tools that can help to turn the energy of anger into something that helps rather than hurts.

Marriage, Family, and Relationship

Our culture puts stress on relationships and families and it is not hard to lose our way while trying to balance work, a partner, children, in-laws and friends and still find a bit of time or space for one’s self. Relationships are the most precious jewels that one can have. They are worth working on.



I have counseled many children, working with most of the issues listed above, as well as others. If your child is suffering from anxiety, shyness, bullying, anger, behaviour problems, learning difficulties, or other issues it is may be useful for him or her to talk to a counselor.


Raising children is a challenging and constantly changing experience. Each age brings a new challenge and sometimes the challenge goes beyond the skills we learned from our own childhood. Children are also mirrors who sometimes reflect back to us things that we have not resolved from our own families of origin. A counsellor can help you to separate issues, set boundaries, learn new parenting skills, and investigate your own triggers so that you can parent more peacefully and effectively. 



Depression causes life to be viewed through a damp gray filter that hides the beauty and excitement of the world. Depression does not have to be forever, and counseling has been shown by many studies to be an effective aid to recovery.


Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress are even more pervasive than depression in our world at this time – and children often suffer even more than adults. Although we can’t avoid all stressful situations, it is very possible to learn how to reduce and minimize stress and anxiety.


Meaning and Purpose

There are times in life when, due to a crisis, death, loss, the approach of middle age, or other reasons, one loses a sense of meaning or purpose in life. Work, money or even family can seem empty. Working with a counsellor can help to re-connect with one’s inner self and deepest beliefs and to create new understandings of meaning and purpose in life.

Sex and Sexual Issues

In intimate relationships, sex can be like a canary in a coal mine. When sex becomes a point of contention, it generally indicates that other parts of the relationship are also out of balance. Learning new relationship tools and getting help to repair worn or strained parts of a relationship can bring new life, excitement, and love into your life.


Sexual dysfunction is also often related to psychological issues. Counselling can help to identify and remedy psychological causes for sexual dysfunction. 


Health and Wellness

Body and Mind are connected and state of mind has powerful effects on the state of the body. Working with both body and mind can help to increase the ability of the body/mind system to overcome illness and injury.

Grief and Loss

Loss comes to us all at one point or another. It can be very painful, and also a powerful teacher. Grief reminds us what is precious in life. Working with a counsellor can help to transform grief into wisdom.

Personal Growth and Development

Personal growth can be anything from setting a goal and a course of action to make more money, to deciding to bring a deeper sense of peace, gratitude, and reverence into your life and making it happen.

Improving the “Self” is not “selfish” because as we become more able to be fully who we are, we are more capable of helping others as well.


Separation and Divorce

The breakdown of a marriage can be an extremely painful and life shattering experience. A counsellor can help you to come through the painful times and make use of the opportunity for learning and growth that is always present within difficult situations.


Work and Job Related Issues

Sometimes there are issues at work that make being there very uncomfortable. There may be problems with a boss, with coworkers, or with a particular situation that seem to have no solution. There may be anger issues or communication difficulties that hold one back from achieving as much as one can. Coaching in communication skills and in relationship skills or counselling to help find the root of a problem and correct it can help to bring positive change, so that you can achieve what you want to achieve.


Trauma can, and does, affect almost everyone to a certain extent. However, some people suffer from recurring strong emotions, fears, and/or physical sensations caused by traumatic experiences such as accidents, violence, injury, abuse or childhood experience. These experiences can leave scars that last a lifetime, affect relationships, and even affect one's ability to function in life.


If you suspect that you have suffered trauma in your past and that it may be affecting your emotions and reactions in the present, a counselor can help you to resolve and release the old wounds. 

More information about Trauma


Are you willing to take care of yourself?

Whatever your goal or reason may be, it makes sense to invest in living your life well.

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