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About the Book

Falling Awake is a book about the possibility of awakening to a new and more fulfilling experience of who we are and what it means to be alive. It is also a bridge, starting wherever we are and linking us to powerful new ways of creating wellness and wholeness in our lives and relationships.

Falling Awake proposes that Truth is not an absolute but a process, that enlightenment is not a path but already always present, and that living artfully and peacefully in the world, even in these stressful times, is both possible and attainable.


What was known by a few in the past is now surfacing in many places. From quantum physics to neuroscience to psychology, science is beginning to connect with the mysteries known to the enlightened ones of history. 


Falling awake bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and current science in straight-forward language that is easy to understand. It also provides practical ways to integrate what you already know with new skills and understandings in order to more artfully manage stress and strong emotions, enrich and enliven relationships, and create your life as a living work of art.


There is a small change of perception that can connect us - for a moment or forever - with the wholeness that we already always are. I hope that this book can help you to open a gateway for this perception to fall awake in you.


Falling awake is available through Amazon and all on-line booksellers.

“Based on the author's life experience as a counsellor, as a Buddhist monk, and as a student of many spiritual masters – both living and historical.”

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