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Spirit and the Transpersonal

The transpersonal realm is associated with the experience of spirituality and of expansion. It is the realm of awareness of larger principles that encompass specific activities, problems, or beliefs and help them to fit into the larger context of life.  Experience of the transpersonal is possible when a person is able to be fully present and integrated, aware of a sense of presence in the moment and of energy in the body.

Though experience of the transpersonal and spiritual can involve peak experience, and deep experience of well-being, it can also involve an exploration of the existential questions of freedom vs. responsibility, death and human limitation, isolation and connectedness, and meaning vs. meaninglessness. These questions can take us both into the depths of sorrow and the dark night of the soul as well as into realms of peace, joy, and purpose.

Ultimately, the journey of life is a journey of spirit. Entering into the transpersonal field opens a person to greater understanding of, and compassion for, the human condition as a whole, as well as greater acceptance and compassion for our own place and role within it. I can work with you to integrate body, mind, and spirit so that you are able to move forward with a more integrated sense of purpose, focus, and wholeness on all levels.

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